Morsom PB

Brænder du inde med noget, der ikke passer ind andre steder? Så passer det ind her.
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Morsom PB

Indlægaf eks-Maupassant » 12. jan 2016, 23:03

Jeg fik lige den her PB på en skakside, outta nowhere. Det er en af de mest syrede PBer jeg nogensinde har fået.

How are you?

How weather is place where you live?

My grandmother did teach me get enjoy to the chess.

Second my world is the art-painting.

At the college I played many chess games and chess tournaments – I had many joy due to the chess. After graduation of the college, the work and family absorb the time. new other events and interesting things occupied the life.

When my dear family vanished into thin air and my work began to be the joyless work. I felt what I become more alone and really now I am alone all over world. Art-painting helps me to get my head above water and to keep some joy. Great energy of painting is really vital energy.

Some paintings are better than many words.

You can do yourself! Plato said:” The beginning is the most important part of the work.” So it is beginning!

Listing thousands of my the art-painting works in albums, books of Mr. Cloudoncolorsky you can see on

#1 The Painting Plus The Wise Quotes. 21 century.

(Paperback: 490 pages)

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#8 - ... ,Your Monet.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask to the e-mail address:

I keep in my hands the paper with the words written by grandmother's hand many years ago.

My grandmother, Anna Ivanovna has seven children. Grandfather is a

cabinetmaker and always at work.

The grandmother is a housekeeper.

There is big Russian brick stove for cooking and stove heating in the middle here house. The stove and near the bid stove is 2 small rooms and kitchen.

Grandmother know a lot of tales, she likes to tell stories about life of

children and parents. Today in Russia young people considers large family only as "insuperable difficulties". And in the patriarchal, tradition family of my grandmother all was happy and joys. In grandmother''s house were reigned, crowded with happiness and joy and benevolence.

Everyone helped each other, children and adult worked in house and kitchen garden and the work do with pleasure. We were sure that without our participation the house will not be really good.

And after the tea especially in long winter evenings we liked to read aloud

the novels of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Turgenev, Chekhov, the verses of Pushkin, Shevchenko and other writers. Often someone, especially, grandmother told ud stories about exiting events.

I remember our discussions and arguments. It is imprinted upon my memory always. In summer we go to the forest or fields. In winter we toboggan together, we fall into snow and laugh. At those times of my grandparents they did not read pedagogical books, but the knowledge of life get by the foregoing generations was passed by word of

mouth from old to younger. We were brought up not only with cakes and praises, sometimes we, especially, the younger, got a slap. And may be the most of all the hard punishment was for children a severe look, a warning voice. Elder children were punished more severe:" Stand to the clock and think over ". (We had a large pendulum clock with melodious striking.) It is better to do all the work together, most of all I like when our family is together, then the work bring joy and the even any simple meal is nice with bon appetite and useful for everyone: and child and adult.

There were the traditions in grandmother''s houses everyone who attained his majority, - at first children, then grandchildren, who grew out, received, as greatest present and inheritance, a small box for papers. Each time the small box for papers was of different form and without fall made of "eternal wood. Grandfather hands made the small box for papers and grandmother put into small box for papers a sealed envelope with the super-scription:" The ray of light for a rainy day of hard times!"

When presenting the small box for papers she said:" Now you are grown-man. The whole world lies before you. You can do a lot of things. You know what the labor is, know its importance and its worth. Not all your dreams and wishes will come true. You will have hard days too, but you have to be able to see the sunlight even in the darkness. I wish this thing will help you on your hard day." All that was long ago, but my small box for papers stands still behind the bookcase glass. The sealed envelope lays long in the small box for papers.

When hard times came and I felt miserable and was in the need of help I open my envelope and took out a folded in two papers with the words written by grandmother''s hand.

"My dear Alex! At hard times it is a human nature to turn the mind to the best days, to the childhood Happy reminiscences help to find peace of mind, confidence. And in calm onfidence you will take the right decisions.

My dear Alex! Feeling of uselessness and boredom era for the egoists. Loneliness is not the human nature way. Isolation oppresses, surrender oneself to despair.

Contacts with people help to find own strength, give courage. The whole point is that the people all over the world are the same independent of their education, age, nationality, merits or demerits.

Look intently to one’s, to his essence and feeling of enmity, irritation will disappear.

My dear Alex! It is the main human cause to do good works. Even if you are in trouble now, however you have to look around. You will see people who have given himself and need help more than you. There is not any person in the world, who does not need kindness.

Do good work, act only out of kindness - this is the most safe way to the best days".

When rereading these precious words I hear the voice of the wise woman who has born seven children and made them, grandchildren and all around her lavish gifts of attention and warmth of her heart. My good memoirs, good afterglow help me. I am happy and I got energy for the future deeds.

If you have any questions for me, please, feel free to ask me.

I will look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

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Re: Morsom PB

Indlægaf Moxy-lady » 12. jan 2016, 23:19

Shit, det er syret! Jeg magtede ikke engang at læse det færdigt. Har du svaret? Jeg har en mistanke om at det er noget fishing-noget. Der er vel ingen normale mennesker der sender sådan en mail til random mennesker?
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Re: Morsom PB

Indlægaf eks-Maupassant » 12. jan 2016, 23:42

Moxy-lady skrev:Shit, det er syret! Jeg magtede ikke engang at læse det færdigt. Har du svaret? Jeg har en mistanke om at det er noget fishing-noget. Der er vel ingen normale mennesker der sender sådan en mail til random mennesker?

Nej jeg svarer ikke på den :) Det ligner lidt han forsøger at sælge sine billeder på amazon med den, men det er da godt nok en spøjs salgsteknik han har gang i.

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